“There are Still Legacies From the Colonial Era”: Argentina’s Indigenous People Fight for Land Rights

Today, indigenous people in Argentina are struggling to preserve their way of life in a scenario made complex mainly due to conflicts over land. Ninety-two percent of indigenous communities do not have titles to the land they live on. “There are still legacies from the colonial era and the history of exclusion is still highly visible,” explained James Anaya, UN Special Rapporteur on Indigenous Peoples.

La Garganta Poderosa: Community-Managed Magazine is the Voice of Argentina’s Slums

Between the dimly-lit, narrow alleyways of Villa 21, a working-class neighborhood in Buenos Aires, more than 50,000 people live in poverty. It was here that La Garganta Poderosa (which means powerful throat), the magazine that gives a voice to the “villeros” or slum-dwellers, was organized. “’Villeros’ don’t generally reach the media in Argentina. Others see us as people who don’t want to work, or as people who are dangerous. La Garganta Poderosa is the cry that comes from our soul,” says Marcos Basualdo, who works at the publication.