Shrirang Chougule, holding his son’s photo: “Even today, I can’t believe my son who was so strong and gave all of us hope died by suicide.” / credit: Sanket Jain

‘I Don’t Want to Live Anymore’: Suicides Rise 17% Since India’s Lockdown Began

Within the first month of India’s nationwide lockdown starting March 2020, 122 million people lost their jobs. Daily-wage laborers and small traders comprised roughly 75 percent. A report found that a year of the lockdown pushed 230 million Indians into poverty. By the end of 2020, 15 million workers were still out of jobs. Sanket Jain reports on the recently rising suicide rates in India.

Workers' Party (PT) presidential candidate Luiz Inácio "Lula" da Silva with Fernando Haddad and Geraldo Alckmin, PT candidates for São Paolo governor and vice president, respectively / credit: Richard Matoušek

Bolsonaro and Lula Head to Second-Round Election Amid Brazil’s Contradictions

Some Brazilians’ desire to climb class rungs has helped win votes for incumbent President Jair Bolsonaro and his Liberal Party (PL) colleagues at the local and legislative levels of government. This, despite an appetite for progressive politics after four years of the “underpinnings and trappings of fascist rule” as well as hundreds of thousands of avoidable COVID-19 deaths. Richard Matoušek reports from São Paolo on what's next as the second-round presidential election looms in Brazil.