Protesters in Rabat, Morocco in October, 2016 demand political reforms and an end to corruption. Photo credit: Reuters

Arresting the Protest: Widespread Crackdown on Dissent Undermines Morocco’s Social Movements

Moroccan pro-democracy activists unanimously claim that the freedom of expression won in the months following the 2011 Arab Spring protests has slowly been taken away. State repression and political detention have been an effective way to draw protesters and sympathizers of the movement away from participation. "We are now in a critical situation," explains journalist Imad Stitou. "We understand the message: it’s over with tolerance and openness.”

Why the Alt Right May Gain Momentum in 2018

One year after the deadly fascist-led rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, the U.S. Alt Right is stumbling to regain its footing. Only a small number of White Nationalists came to Washington, DC rally for a rally on the one-year anniversary. While this doesn’t represent the movement’s strength, the public backlash against the Alt Right has significantly damaged it, and it has been unable to regain its former position. However, the more moderate wing of the movement, the so-called “Alt Lite,” is in far better shape—both in its political orientation and strength in the street.

A Message from the US-Mexico Border: Now is the Time to Stand Up for Human Rights

The portrayal and labeling of immigrants as criminals is part of the reason we rip children from their parents’ arms, the reason we starve individuals, and why we dress them up like criminals and put them in prisons, the reason we make them camp for two weeks outside of entry points before potentially initiating the asylum process. This is all public information, and the Trump administration is proud of it.