“Never Again Can There Be a Mexico Without Indigenous Peoples:” Recovering Native Languages in Mexico

In the last decade, the number of speakers of indigenous languages in Mexico increased 20 percent, practically at the same rate as the population growth. In fact, for the first time in 80 years, the downward trend in the population of speakers of native languages has stopped. A good part of this phenomenon is due to the work of young indigenous people who are working to recover their identity, language and territory.

Eight Things I learned About Palestine While Touring Eight Western Nations

On February 20, 2018, I embarked on a global book tour that has, thus far, taken me to eight nations. The main theme of all my talks in various cultural, academic and media platforms was the pressing need to refocus the discussion on Palestine on the struggle, aspirations and history of the Palestinian people. But, interacting with hundreds of people and being exposed to multiple media environments in both mainstream and alternative media, I also learned much about the changing political mood on Palestine in the western world.

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It’s ‘Feminist Christmas’ in Ireland

Source: The Nation

“We’ll never go back,” say activists, as a vote to repeal the ban on abortion wins by an overwhelming margins.

The vote to repeal the amendment banning abortion was supposed to be close. That was what the polls said, and that’s how the press reported it. That was how organizers for both sides thought it would go. But when the voting was over at 10 pm on May 25, the first exit polls showed Yes had achieved an electoral tsunami, crushing No by a two-to-one margin. I was with the psychiatrist Veronica O’Keane and other Doctors for Choice when the word came down, and I swear I saw them dancing in the streets that night. read more

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A Broken Idea of Sex is Flourishing. Blame Capitalism

Source: The Gaurdian

In this world, women are marketed as toys and trophies. Are we surprised when some men take things literally?

Since the Toronto bloodbath, a lot of pundits have belatedly awoken to the existence of the “incel” (short for involuntary celibate) online subculture and much has been said about it. Too often, it has been treated as some alien, unfamiliar worldview. It’s really just an extreme version of sex under capitalism we’re all familiar with because it’s all around us in everything, everywhere and has been for a very long time. And maybe the problem with sex is capitalism. read more