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The TPP Can Still Be Stopped

Source: Foreign Policy in Focus

The tide may be turning against the Obama administration’s enormous, corporate-friendly investment pact. Is it too politically toxic for an election year?

Despite the best efforts of activists, public scholars, and countless others throughout the world, the U.S. and trade ministers from 11 other Pacific Rim nations announced recently that they’d reached a deal on the Trans-Pacific Partnership, or TPP — a massive new trade and investment pact that would set rules governing approximately 40 percent of the global economy. read more

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Disaster capitalism is a permanent state of life for too many Americans

Source: The Guardian Unlimited

Hundreds of full-time New York City workers are homeless and in San Francisco bus drivers sleep in their cars to save money: this is a never-ending crisis

In the United States, disaster has become our most common mode of life. Proof that our daily existence was something other than a simmering, smoldering disaster has been historically held somewhat at bay by the myth that hard work equals some kind of subsistence living. For the more deluded amongst us, this ‘American dream’ even got us to believe we could be something called ‘middle class’. We were deceived. read more

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‘Mass Struggle Works’: South African Student Uprising Wins Tuition Hike Freeze

Source: Common Dreams

A famous victory won by the hard struggle of students. We are all humbled.’

Facing the largest student uprisings since South Africans toppled apartheid, President Jacob Zuma pledged Friday to halt tuition fee increases in the year 2016—prompting declarations of victory, as well as calls to continue the mass mobilizations until free education is won for all.

“A famous victory won by the hard struggle of students. We are all humbled,” Salim Vally, associate professor of education and director of the Center for Education Rights and Transformation at the University of Johannesburg, told Common Dreams. “The determination and resoluteness of the students forced the hand of government. This was clear to many even before the sun rose this morning.” read more