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Wisconsinites Rally to Beat Back Vicious Assault on Public Sector Unions

Source: The Progressive

Fifteen thousand Wisconsin workers and their supporters rallied at the state capitol in Madison on Tuesday to protest the governor’s vicious and unprecedented assault on union rights.

Newly elected Republican Governor Scott Walker, emboldened by a new Republican state senate and a new Republican state assembly, wasted no time in putting forward a bill to make it illegal for public sector workers to bargain on anything other than wages.

Signs of “Hosni Walker” and “Kill the Bill” dotted the crowd. read more

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The Power of Protest and the Future of Egyptian Politics

The revolutionary chants on the streets of Egypt have resonated around the world, but with a popular uprising without a clear direction and an unpopular leader refusing to concede, Egypt’s future hangs in the balance.

On Riz Khan we speak with Muslim scholar Tariq Ramadan and Slovenian philosopher Slavoj Zizek about the power of popular dissent, the limits of peaceful protest and the future of Egyptian politics.