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Walker’s Wisconsin Approach

Source: Common Dreams

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker proposed last week to suddenly erase 50 years of collective-bargaining rights for Wisconsin’s public workers within a week, to be backed up by calling up the National Guard (Walker spokesmen later clarified that the Guard’s role would be limited to replacing prison guards).

Walker’s plan drew a crowd of 30,000 to 50,000 public workers and their supporters Wednesday at the State Capitol in Madison, united in their opposition to Republican plans to almost entirely take away their rights to union representation. read more

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Chevron Runs From Judgment in Ecuador

Source: Truthout

Chevron Petroleum Corporation is attempting to slither out of an $8 billion judgment rendered yesterday by a trial court in Ecuador for cancer deaths, illnesses and destruction caused by its Texaco unit.

I’ve been there, in Ecuador.

I met the victims. They didn’t lose their shrimp boats; they lost their kids. Emergildo Criollo, chief of the Cofan natives of the Amazon, told me about his three-year-old. “He went swimming, then began vomiting blood.” Then he died. read more