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Why Washington Should Stop Bailing Out Corporate America

The time has come to revolt against free market fundamentalism and the way it is destroying our society. The illusion of the capitalists' "free" market has long been revealed for what it really is: a mystification of class interest. When everyday people suffer from poverty, the ruling elite say, 'there's nothing we can do. There has always been poverty, we can't prevent it.' But when an edifice of greed, corruption, and illusory wealth begins to crumble, it's a crisis of the greatest degree. Hundreds of billions of dollars later, it's clear that our government will spare no expense to prevent the wealthy from losing their yachts, luxury cars and mansions.


Chicago 10: Image Politics and Protest, From the Past to the Present

Popular culture is the site of complex struggles between the forces of repression and those of liberation, British critical theorist Stuart Hall argued two decades ago. Movies and music, television and books all constitute the raw material of political imagination. Such cultural products not only engage the present but craft a narrative of the past. And what better way to blend past and present, culture and politics, than an animated documentary of the (in)famous Chicago conspiracy trial, one of the most well-known events of the 1960s?


Vermont Candidate Pledges to Prosecute Bush

Vincent Bugliosi & Charlotte Dennett
Charlotte Dennett, who entered the race for Vermont Attorney General this week, readily admits that it will be an uphill battle. But the Vermont Progressive Party's candidate does have one thing going for her - an issue with the potential to mobilize voters upset about the Iraq War. At her first press conference, sitting next to renowned prosecutor and author Vincent Bugliosi, she pledged to prosecute George W. Bush for murder if elected and appoint Bugliosi as a special prosecutor to take on the job.


Coming in From the Cold: UN Membership Needed for the Phantom Republics

Kosovo Declares Independence, Feb. 2008
"The Phantom Republics" has been the name given to the states demanding the status of independence after the break up of Yugoslavia and the Soviet Union: Abkhazia, Chechenya, Kosovo, Nagrono-Karabakh, South Ossetia and Transnistra. The current conflict between Russia and Georgia has put the Abkhazia and South Ossetia conflicts at center stage of world politics.


The Machine Gun and The Meeting Table: Bolivian Crisis in a New South America

Opposition Protesters (Telesur)
Upon arriving in Santiago, Chile on September 15 for an emergency meeting of South American heads of state, Bolivian president Evo Morales said, "I have come here to explain to the presidents of South America the civic coup d'etat by Governors in some Bolivian states in recent days." The conflict in Bolivia and the subsequent meeting of presidents raise the questions: What led to this meltdown? Whose side is the Bolivian military on? And what does the Bolivian crisis and regional reaction tell us about the new power bloc of South American nations?