Book Review: Reproduce and Revolt

Reproduce & Revolt is a totally unique work of radical images, designed for hands-on use by artists who can adapt them for current work. As the authors say, "Don't just flip through these pages; throw them on the photocopier or scanner, crack the spine. If there's one book in your collection where the pages should be falling out, this is it!" And they mean it.


George Russell: The Song of the Greater Life

George Russell
At a time when rising food prices have become a global concern and food riots are weakening governments, we need to look beyond short-term measures to deeper structural reforms. It is important to understand the political and cultural background of necessary changes, and it is appropriate to look at the contributions of earlier reformers. George Russell (1867-1935) helped create agricultural cooperatives in Ireland after Independence as part of a larger aim of spiritual awakening to a greater life.

Photo from NYU.EDU

Female Feticide, Infanticide on the Rise in India

Child Development Minister, Renuka Chowdhury
The Chambal region of the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh was notorious for its dacoits, or armed robbers. Now, the cause for terror is the low sex ratio in this area of the state. This threat can be traced to the falling sex ratio of the region. While the national average of women per 1,000 men is 933, and the state's figure is 920, the Chambal region shockingly has only 400 women per 1,000 men in some villages. The main reason for the grim sex ratio is the practice of female infanticide and female feticide.


Joan Coxsedge’s Life of Protest, Painting and Politics

Joan Coxsedge
In Joan Coxsedge's autobiography, Cold Tea For Brandy: A Tale of Protest, Painting and Politics, she reveals Australia's hidden history and exposes the crimes of U.S. imperialism around the globe. She also shows how she came to be one of the great Australian anti-imperialist, left-wing dissidents of the 20th century and exposes how difficult it is to radically democratize Australian society through parliamentary means alone.