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New Versus Old Right in Paraguay’s Presidential Election

Blanca Ovelar
Now that much of Latin America has shifted to the left, Paraguay remains a key Washington ally. The country's political landscape continues to be dominated by the Colorado Party, which has been in power for 61 years. Yet as the panorama of candidates for the April presidential election makes clear, a new right-wing faction is emerging within the party, pledging to cut the umbilical cord with the past.

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The Obama Movement: Historical Turning Point?

Whatever is written about the Democratic presidential nomination before the concession of one candidate or another is likely to be premature at best. Still, for those historically-minded, a great deal of significance has already happened. When Hillary Clinton, a few days ago, accused Barack Obama of leading "a movement" and not "a campaign," she inadvertently identified the most important phenomenon in mainstream American politics, and not only liberal politics, in a generation.

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Phantom Republics: Front and Center After Kosovo Independence

The self-proclamation of independence by Kosovo may be the last act in the division of former Yugoslavia, or it may be one step in a new chain of territorial adjustments. There are calls in Republika Srpska, the Serb unit of the Bosnia-Herzegovina federation for its integration into Serbia. There have also been discussions among Serbs of the partition of Kosovo with the area north of the Ibar River joining Serbia.


India: Trafficking of Girls on the Rise

Kanta is a distraught mother. A year ago, poverty compelled her to send her 14-year-old daughter from the safety of their home in Madhya Pradesh's (Central Indian State) Mandla district to Delhi, where the teenager was to work as a domestic aid. Several months down the line, Kanta still has no news of her daughter. Repeated visits to the neighbor, who had arranged for her daughter's placement, have been met with snubs and no information. Despite the fact that Kanta wants to travel to Delhi and make her own inquiries, she can't for want of money.