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The African Liberation Forces of Mauritania Speak on Slavery and Genocide in the Sahel


At opposite ends of Africa’s Sahel, Sudan and Mauritania hold the distinction of being two nations where the practice of slavery remains intact at the dawn of the 21st century. Sudan is in the headlines now, due to the crisis in Darfur, and mounting calls for foreign intervention. Mauritania remains in the shadows-despite the fact it is still reckoning with the consequences of a Darfur-style wave of ethnic cleansing that began in 1989, with little note from the international community. read more

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Housing Watchdogs Call Post-Katrina Ordinance ‘Racist’

Source: NewStandardNews

Outraged by a controversial local ordinance, civil-rights activists say that although Hurricane Katrina wiped out just about everything in Louisiana’s St. Bernard Parish, a legacy of segregation clings stubbornly to the community’s racial landscape.

In a 5-2 vote last month, the St. Bernard Parish Council passed an ordinance that would restrict owners of single-family residences from entering into rental arrangements with anyone except "blood relatives." Renting such dwellings to anyone else would require special approval by the Council. Owners and occupants who violate the ordinance would be subject to fines and civil penalties. read more