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Fall 2004, Hot Zones

 Fall 2004 | Volume 52, Number 3

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In TF’s new print edition, Tod Ensign examines the likelihood of a US return to the draft, plus the cover up of health effects from depleted uranium used in Iraq, a startling interview with Hezbollah’s political chief in Southern Lebanon, and why oil policy is really about global domination. Greg Guma looks at Iraq’s new Saddam and strength as a campaign issue. read more

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One-Way Road

A smooth black highway snakes leisurely through the banana and palm covered mountains just outside San Salvador's city limits, its four lanes immune to the deep valleys and jagged cliffs that line its shoulders. A steady stream of heavy tractor-trailers and shiny SUVs in the left lane celebrate the asphalt's miraculous triumph over the jungle as they hurtle effortlessly between volcanoes.