Anti-imperialist organizations taking part in the Workers’ Summit of the Americas gathered June 12 in Tijuana at the Mexico-United States border in solidarity with the Sandinista, Cuban and Bolivarian Revolutions, in repudiation of the U.S./OAS-organized Summit of the Americas / credit: Kawsachun News / Twitter

3 Counter Summits Called on Public to Stand Against Biden Administration’s ‘Failed’ Summit of the Americas

Many people on the left had followed the actions of the People's Summit for Democracy, the well-publicized counter event to the Summit of the Americas the Biden administration hosted last week. What some may not know is anti-imperialists held two other summits: One coalition of mainly Los Angeles-based organizations hosted actions in the city prior to the start of the People's Summit while another coalition organized the Workers' Summit of the Americas June 10-12 in Tijuana, Mexico, reports TF editor Julie Varughese.