Toward Freedom’s Winter 2019 Fund Appeal

Dear friends,

I’m writing from Toward Freedom to say thank you.

Thank you for your past support of our publication. Your donations have enabled Toward Freedom to serve as a primary source for information about social movements and popular struggles to end human rights abuses and economic injustice around the world.

I’m writing to ask you to continue your engagement with Toward Freedom by making a contribution toward our work in the year ahead.

Do you know how important your previous support has been? It enabled us to:

•Make a successful transition to a new editor this fall, saying farewell to Ben Dangl after 14 years as he moved on to a teaching position at the University of Vermont. We have hired Dawn Marie Paley, who is a journalist and sociologist based in Mexico, and author of the book Drug War Capitalism as our new editor.

•Run dozens of original articles and translations, covering issues and developments in Latin America and around the world.

•Reach a readership based in over twenty countries, with a primary age range of people under the age of 35.

In the year ahead, Toward Freedom will continue that work and go further:

•We will be there, wherever popular movements arise, telling stories from the front lines through local journalists and through translations, as with our recent coverage from Chile, Bolivia, Ecuador, Kenya and Algeria.

•We will provide deeper investigative reports into the economic and political roots of local, national and international issues, such as our recent report on the state of political prisoners in Mexico.

We began this letter with a thank you because you are an essential part of Toward Freedom. We need your continued support. Can we count on you for a donation this year? Please click here to make a gift that is meaningful to you. 

In solidarity and with warm wishes for a peaceful and just world for all

Sam Mayfield, board chair, and everyone else at Toward Freedom.

Musicians participate in the climate strike in Burlington, Vermont. Photo: Jim Mendell.