CIA’s Castro intelligence flawed

HAVANA – The CIA has recently issued a report that Cuban leader Fidel Castro is suffering from Parkinson’s disease. "The assessment is that he has the disease and that his condition has progressed," an unnamed official told Reuters and other news outlets.

The news quickly spread around the world, accompanied by a rehashing of Castro’s fall last year, which resulted in a fractured kneecap and right arm.

But mainstream news outlets were less eager to report that the 79-year-old spoke on his feet for several hours last week, addressing University Student Federation leaders, students and teachers during a 60th anniversary ceremony for his entry to Havana┬┤s University.

"Those who have tried to kill me so many times have been disappointed," Castro noted, according to a CBC news report. He also recounted the details of his operation, and said his arm continues to improve. "Some say the CIA discovered I had Parkinson┬┤s disease," he commented, flexing his right arm. Then he added with a smile that it is still strong enough to hold a gun.