Where Does Sanders Stand on Foreign Policy?

Source: Seven Days

It’s a truism of presidential politics that foreign policy matters little to U.S. voters as long as the country isn’t embroiled in a major war. But independent Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders could find it to be a major challenge in his bid for the Democratic nomination. In the age of global terrorism, Americans may prefer a candidate who’s steeped in the workings of the world, rather than a comparatively parochial figure with little experience beyond U.S. borders.

“When he starts debating Hillary Clinton, who has such a deep knowledge of foreign policy, he’s going to have serious problems,” predicted Robin Lloyd, a longtime Burlington peace activist.

Clinton, a former secretary of state and U.S. senator who also spent eight years in the White House, might well turn toward Sanders in the first of those debates — to be held in Nevada on October 13 — and say something like: “Why would the American people entrust the presidency to someone with no experience in foreign affairs?”

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