Vermont Event: Report Back From Human Rights Delegation to Honduras

Fear and Defiance in Post-Coup Honduras

Monday, March 1st, 7pm, Free
Burlington College
95 North Avenue, Burlington, VT
Community Room

Call 802-881-3293 for more info.

"Nos tienen miedo porque no tenemos miedo." (They are afraid of us because we are not afraid.)  – Slogan chanted by activists in the grassroots movement for democracy in Honduras

The Honduran oligarchy and their military, backed by Washington, have long ruled their country by spreading fear and violence. But when they overthrew the democratically elected president, Manuel Zelaya on June 28, 2009, they awakened a new spirit of resistance.

Burlington resident Peter Lackowski recently returned from a two week Rights Action delegation in Honduras. On this trip he met with many of the people who are creating a brave new movement which aims to break free of the US empire, the Honduran elite and establish a real democracy in their country. At this event Lackowski will cover the events leading up to the coup and the various maneuvers of Zelaya and his supporters. He will share stories and analysis from interviews with the people he met, both activists and others, on the strategy of the resistance and what people in the US can do in solidarity.