OWS Marks 2 Months with Protests, March on Brooklyn Bridge

Source: Democracy Now!

The Occupy Wall Street movement marked its two-month anniversary on Thursday with a series of actions in New York City and nationwide. Here in New York City, protesters began the day with an action at the New York Stock Exchange, causing major disruptions and leading to a number of arrests.

Protester 1: “I’m out here today because I’m vastly underemployed and over-educated, and I believe that the 1 percent needs to do their fair share.”

Protester 2: “You know, they’ve got so many cops here, so many people in riot gear. This is a peaceful, nonviolent act from people as young as babies to grannies that are just participating in this. And it’s excessive, and Mayor Bloomberg should be ashamed of himself, as a mayor and also as a member of the 1 percent.”

Later in the day, hundreds, if not thousands, of students gathered in New York City’s Union Square. The student action then joined up for a massive rally in Foley Square that led to a march over the Brooklyn Bridge, with an estimated crowd of 32,000.