From Evolution to Revolution: The Path to Systemic Change in American Society – Left Forum Panel

Sponsor: Between The Lines Radio Newsmagazine

The Left Forum is taking place from March 16 – 18 at Pace University in New York City. (Please stay tuned for date, time and location of panel.)

Date, Time, Location of panel: Saturday, March 17, 3 p.m., Room E-311

This panel will examine different modalities of political and economic change called for by the Occupy movements — from incremental reform to radical transformation. Panelists will attempt to answer the question: What type of change is needed to address the full gamut of failed policies and structures in our broken system — from corporate control of the political process, to environmental degradation, a crumbling infrastructure, economic disparity, a failed health care system, etc.. Can these problems be tackled incrementally or only through radical structural change and central planning.

Chair: Richard Hill has been a producer at WPKN in Bridgeport, CT, for the past twenty years. His music, culture and public affairs shows have included interviews and discussions with hundreds of political activists, scholars, public figures, artists and musicians. He teaches a course in media literacy at an arts magnet high school in New Haven and produces a high school radio show (Youth Radio CT) that airs on WPKN and is posted at


Chris Rude is a political economist with an interest in finance. He has taught economics at NYU and the New School and political science at York University in Toronto. Prior to this, he was an economist at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and on Wall Street. He has a PhD in economics from the New School and a MA and BA in political science from the University of Chicago. He currently serves on URPE’s Steering Committee and is active in the Occupation. 

Gar Alperovitz is a historian, political economist, activist and writer. He is currently the Lionel R. Bauman Professor of Political Economy at the University of Maryland and is a former Fellow of Kings College, Cambridge University; Harvard’s Institute of Politics; the Institute for Policy Studies. His latest book is titled, “America Beyond Capitalism: Reclaiming Our Wealth, Our Liberty, and Our Democracy.” 

Nelini Stamp has been an organizer with the Working Families Party since 2008. Since September 2011 she has been a participant with Occupy Wall Street. 

Amin Husain is an organizer with Occupy Wall Street, starting in the months preceding the occupation. He has a Juris Doctorate from Indiana University and a Masters in Law degree from Columbia University. Amin practiced corporate finance at a large law firm in NYC for 5 years before leaving law to study art at the Whitney Independent Study program. Prior to coming to the United States, Amin lived in the Occupied Palestinian Territories and was active in the first Palestinian uprising.