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Back Issues of the Toward Freedom Print Magazine

News briefs from around the world.  Compiled and edited by Greg Guma read more

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Letter from Bolivia

Dear TF Readers,

For the next two months, Toward Freedom will be publishing three articles per week instead of four. This isn’t a sign that we’ve ran into trouble, in fact TF is doing better than ever. Our readership is growing and the fund drive was huge success.

This new publishing schedule was set up in part so I (the editor) can focus on another project. I’ve relocated from Vermont to Bolivia where I’ll be finishing a book called “The Price of Fire: Resource Wars and Social Movements in Bolivia.” The book will be published by AK Press this March. Operating out of Bolivia will also help TF expand its writer base to include more people involved in the popular struggles here. Please stay tuned for more reports from this hopeful part of the world.  I’ll be blogging from Bolivia at this address. To read the first of many article’s I’ll be writing from the country, click here. read more

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Media Discussion Email List

Independent Media: Hopes and Challenges

This is an email list which continues the discussion started at the World Social Forum in Caracas, Venezuela (1/06) at a panel organized by Toward Freedom and Between the Lines Radio entitled, Independent Media: Hopes and Challenges 

Through this email list we continue exchanging ideas, analysis and information about how to build and improve independent media. The email list includes articles, links and thoughts related to this topic.

If you would like to subscribe to this list, please send an email to  read more

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Fireworks, Politics and a Globalized Stew

Fireworks are exploding everywhere. The Caracas baseball team won a key game and they’ll now go on to final rounds, playing teams from various countries in the region. People have been driving around the city waving the team flag, honking horns and screaming out windows.

It’s the last day of the world social forum. Tents are being packed up and the streets are beginning to look eerily vacant. Buses full “foristas” roar off toward the airport. In many ways, it’s been a college semester smashed into a week. So much information has been floating around, so many panels listened to. However, just as it was at last year’s forum, the best part of the week wasn’t the panels themselves, but meeting like-minded people from all over the world. Meeting people in person whom I had only known through cyber space has been great. read more