A handout photograph from the German government shows a group of leaders at the Group of Seven summit, including German Chancellor Angela Merkel and President Trump, in Canada on June 9, 2018. Jesco Denzel—EPA-EFE/Shutterstock

The G-7: A Demise to Celebrate

Trump may have done us all the favor of destroying this last major remnant of the era of Western domination of the world-system. Of course, the demise of the G-7 will not mean that the struggle for a better world is over. Not at all. Those who back a system of exploitation and hierarchy will simply look for other ways of doing it.

"No Ban, No Wall" Protest Draws Thousands in DC in February, 2017. Photo via YouTube

If We Want to Support Refugees, We Need To End the Wars That Create Them

With the Trump administration creating such a hostile atmosphere, the role of sanctuary to protect vulnerable communities has become even more critical. But in the long term, sanctuary has to mean more than just providing refuge, or filing legal briefs on behalf of the displaced, though these services are vital. Ultimately, with sanctuary should come a renewed commitment to challenging the U.S. foreign policies that actually displace people.

Photo by Cpl. Jacob A. Farbo

Merchants of Death Are the Ultimate Winners in World’s Escalating Military Conflicts

In most military conflicts worldwide, the ultimate winners are not one of the warring parties– but the world’s prolific arms traders, described by peace activists as “merchants of death.” According to a new study, the world’s five top arms suppliers are the US, Russia, France, China, and Germany. Together, these five biggest exporters have accounted for about 74 per cent of all arms exports during 2013–17.