The far-right Five Star Movement political leader Luigi Di Maio (R) and party founder Beppe Grillo (L) attend a rally ahead of the March 4 Parliamentary Elections in Italy

Europe’s Far-Right Wave: Xenophobic Parties Win Italian Parliamentary Election

Steve Bannon is currently in Europe to advise far-right movements. He first went to Italy, where xenophobes recently won the parliamentary elections, and then visited the National Front in France. In fact, the European far-right does not need Bannon's advice. They are able to push racist and xenophobic slogans all by themselves, as was evident in the recent elections for Parliament in Italy.


The New Far-Right Resurgence in Austria

Although the current President of Austria, Alexander Van der Bellen, long-time president of the Ecology Party, had been able to defeat his far-Right opponent in the presidential election of May 2016, he could not prevent the creation of a Conservative Party and far-Right coalition government as a result of the recent Parliamentary elections.