Trump Alebrije Leads Mexico’s Traditional Paper Mache Monster March: A Photo Essay

Fantastical, boldly-colored creatures wove their way from Mexico City's Zocalo and through the city on Saturday. With neoliberalism's stronghold on Mexico, combined with 60 percent of workers forced to sell goods informally in the streets and on trains, consumerism in the country can be overwhelming. But cultural traditions like the production of these giant paper mache alebrijes help to combat consumerism's dominance and bring communities together.

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International and Local Support as Venezuela Severs Diplomatic Relations with Colombia

Source: Venezuela Analysis

Following Colombian accusations before the Organisation of American States (OAS) yesterday that Venezuela is “protecting” its guerrillas, Chavez announced that Venezuela would break off diplomatic relations with Colombia and withdraw its ambassador. Venezuelan institutions and international social organisations have expressed their support for Venezuela, while the U.S has supported Colombia’s proposal to the OAS.

President Hugo Chavez and various other government leaders have justified the move as defending Venezuela’s “dignity” in the face of “constant aggressions and false accusations” by Colombia against Venezuela. read more