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Plastic Is Just as Destructive to the Climate as Oil and Gas

The phenomenon of climate change invokes images of black smoke billowing out of smokestacks, emissions from exhaust pipes on an endless highway of bumper-to-bumper traffic, or the insect-like cranes of hydraulic fracturing (fracking) and drilling operations dotting the landscape. We do not view our plastic shopping bags as part of the climate crisis—but we should. And just as the thirst for fossil fuel energy is an ugly symptom of runaway capitalism, so is plastic production and use. Both arise from the same problematic system, and both contribute to the same existential crisis humanity faces.

The Terrifying Implications of India’s Election Results for People and the Planet

In a sweeping victory, the far-right Bharatiya Janata Party government led by Narendra Modi has returned to power in India’s elections. It’s a profoundly disturbing development. The most pressing concern about the BJP government is its systematic persecution of India’s minorities, particularly Muslims. What’s even less known about the Modi government outside India is its abysmal environmental record.