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Noam Chomsky on the Populist Groundswell, US Elections and the Future of Humanity

Source: Institute for New Economic Thinking

We recently interviewed Noam Chomsky, Institute Professor Emeritus at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Laureate Professor in the Department of Linguistics at the University of Arizona. He shares his thoughts with the Institute for New Economic Thinking on foreign policy, dissent in the Internet age, public education, corporate predation, who’s really messing with American elections, climate change, and more.

Lynn Parramore: You’ve been looking at politics and international relations for quite a long time. Over the decades, what are the continuities in these areas that stand out in your view? read more

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Welcome to Veracruz, Mexico, One of the Most Dangerous Places in the World to Be a Journalist

Source: The Nation

Killing reporters here is only one element in a campaign of state terror.

Xalapa, Mexico—This pleasant colonial city in the foothills of the Sierra Madre Oriental mountains, the capital of Veracruz state, is deceptively calm. Despite the surface normality, Veracruz may be the most dangerous place in the world to be a journalist. In the past seven years, a total of 25 reporters have been murdered, and another four have disappeared, according to the journalists I’ve talked to here. (One more reporter has just been murdered in Veracruz state, on March 21. Leobardo Vázquez, who ran a news website, had apparently gotten threats from local officials.) By contrast, in the entire United States, over the past 16 years only one journalist has been murdered for doing his job. read more

"No Ban, No Wall" Protest Draws Thousands in DC in February, 2017. Photo via YouTube

If We Want to Support Refugees, We Need To End the Wars That Create Them

With the Trump administration creating such a hostile atmosphere, the role of sanctuary to protect vulnerable communities has become even more critical. But in the long term, sanctuary has to mean more than just providing refuge, or filing legal briefs on behalf of the displaced, though these services are vital. Ultimately, with sanctuary should come a renewed commitment to challenging the U.S. foreign policies that actually displace people.