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The Consequences of Jeremy Corbyn for Africa

Source: Pambazuka

Britain’s Labour leader has challenged the neoliberal dogma that has ruled the world ever since Margaret Thatcher came to power in 1979 and Ronald Reagan in America in 1981.  This has been disastrous for Africa, where it has come in the form of the so-called “Economic Structural Adjustment Programs”  aimed at restructuring African economies to conform to the demands of the imperialist countries, and not the development needs of Africa.

My last blog was on the US elections where I argued that although neither Clinton nor Trump is my hero, Trump is a better bet from an African perspective. In this piece I argue that in the political contest for state power in the United Kingdom Jeremy Corbyn is definitely my favorite. read more

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Noam Chomsky on Syria: A “Grim” Set of Alternatives

Source: Truthout

With the recent insertion of Russian military power into Syria and the continued use of American air power in the region, the situation in Syria has gotten tenser than ever, especially since the allegedly accidental September 17, 2016, attack on a Syrian military position that killed dozens, followed by the dismissive comments about the incident that US Ambassador to the UN Samantha Power made at a UN press conference on September 17. Former acting CIA Director Michael Morell recently said, “The Russians and Iranians need to pay a little price for their actions in support of Assad.” read more