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Mass migration deaths caused by imperialist foreign policy

Source: Pambazuka

There was yet another gruesome discovery of more than 70 dead migrants in Austria, on a highway between Budapest and Vienna where thousands are seeking refuge. These deaths compounded approximately 100 others who died after their vessel capsized en route to Europe.

Inside the truck in Austria people had apparently suffocated while being illegally transported from the Mediterranean into southern and Eastern Europe.

Austrian governmental officials announced on August 28 that 71 refugees, including an infant girl, were found dead in what appeared to be an abandoned freezer truck. During the same day Libyan naval units recovered the bodies of 105 migrants who were washed ashore apparently after an overcrowded boat capsized in the Mediterranean Sea on its way to Europe. read more

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 What’s Happening in Guatemala?


Source: The Nation

With its government about to fall, Guatemala is finally questioning the neoliberal orthodoxy of the post–Cold War world.

UPDATE—Thursday, Sept. 3, 11:50 am: As predicted, Pérez Molina has resigned. Stripped of his immunity, charges of corruption related to widespread custom fraud were brought against him. It’s unclear what comes next, or if national elections — not just for president but for pretty much every legislative and municipal post — will go forward on Sunday. There’s also reports that the CICIG is investigating Álvaro Arzú, a former president, current mayor of Guatemala, and paterfamilias of one of Guatemala’s most historic oligarch families. Who knows where this all may lead… read more