Abdelhussein Saddam

The Plight of Iraq’s Progressive Labor Movement

Abdelhussein Saddam
Like many people who lived under the Baathist dictatorship, Abdelhussein Saddam passionately yearned for change. Born in 1957 in Basra, Saddam became known as a progressive thinker, for which he was imprisoned for two years by state security forces. When the US/UK coalition invaded Iraq in 2003, he understood that the future lay within Iraq's ability to organize itself independently - free of both the gun-toting hypocrisy of western imperialism and the machinations of political Islam.

Photo from Indymedia.us

Reflections on the US Social Forum: 2007 and After

At the US Social Forum 2007, in the city that hosts CNN and Coke, in hotel venues where debutantes ironically were on parade, the progressive community stood tall and steadfast, proud and capable. The forum's over 900 sessions were truly diverse in those presenting and those attending. Indeed, I cannot remember - going all the way back to an also highly diverse Black Panther Party Constitutional Convention held in Philadelphia in September 1970 - any other large leftist event in the U.S. as consistently multi-cultural as USSF 2007.