Noam Chomsky on India-Pakistan Relations

"Is the United States concerned about Baloochi terror inside Iran, based in Pakistan? It's probably fostering it. We don't have any direct evidence but there have been clearly terrorist acts in Iran, which are based in the Baloochi areas in Pakistan. And it's very likely that it's part of the general U.S. program to disrupt Iran."

Nicolas Sarkozy

A New Generation, if not a New Deal, in French Politics

Nicolas Sarkozy, the newly elected French President, wanted to mark the difference in governing style between himself and outgoing President Jacques Chirac - although both belonged to the same political party and shared basic political orientations. Thus Sarkozy ran on a program of a "break with the stagnant past" as though he had not been a member of the outgoing government.


“Mistakes Were Made . . . (But Not By George Bush)”

This week's quiz question: What is the psychological difference between Attorney General Alberto Gonzales's admission, "I acknowledge that mistakes were made here," and George Bush's comment in his January address to the nation, "Where mistakes have been made, the responsibility rests with me"? Everyone knows that public figures resort to this cliché to distance themselves from responsibility for their actions; what else is new?

Korean Trade Union Rally

The Harsh Reality of Migrant Labor in South Korea

Borders melt in this increasingly globalized world. Modern capitalism has generated mutual dependencies between nations. The tempting nooks and crannies of foreign climes have been battered open in the name of progress, enterprise, and a healthy profit margin. In this thriving global market, foreign goods and foreign investors are often welcome. Foreign workers, on the other hand, are all too often branded as "illegal".