Thailand’s Widow Farm

After receiving a new home and a chance to start over in southern Thailand, Suphanee Tapsunthorn is moving forward. She is thankful that she still has her life and her five children to comfort her and even allows herself a wary smile. But Suphanee is also living in a constant state of fear. Deep down she feels that nothing can ever truly compensate her for all that she has lost.

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Our Right to Freely Assemble and Our Duty as Patriots

[Speech given at a First Amendment Rally in Brevard County, Florida]

Despite our First Amendment guaranteed Constitutional right to assemble, the US government is moving in the dangerous direction of undermining those rights. I am a father, a husband, and a suspect. My peaceful, law-abiding protesting over the last three years, my petitioning of the government, has earned me an FBI number and, in 2004, also the label of ‘suspect’ by Florida’s Brevard County Sheriff’s Office. read more