Leopold Sedar Senghor: “Who will teach rhythm to the world laid low by machines and cannons?”

This year marks the 100th anniversary of the birth of Leopold Sedar Senghor, poet, cultural thinker, and first President of independent Senegal.  At a time when the dialogue among civilizations as well as a possible clash among civilizations is on the world political agenda, it is useful to look at the lasting contribution of Senghor in an article devoted to Senghor as a poet and cultural thinker.


The New Civil Service

I watched two men enter the lobby of the Hotel Mowafaq.

Most Afghans seemed to glide up the center of the lobby staircase with their shawls trailing behind them like Venetian cloaks. But these men wore Western jackets, walked quietly, and stayed close to the banister. I felt a hand on my shoulder. It was the hotel manager.