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Haitians Will Defend Their Sovereignty

Source: The Real News

Ronald Charles: Providing aid like this is a way to humiliate us and many Haitians will not accept it

Ronald Charles is a Ph.D. student in Biblical Studies at the Department of Relgion, University of Toronto. He is a poet and a violinist. And he was lecturer at Christianville University College in Haiti, where he translated parts of the Bible into Haitian Creole.


PAUL JAY, SENIOR EDITOR, TRNN: Welcome to The Real News Network. I’m Paul Jay. Aid has begun to trickle to the people of Haiti, but apparently still only a trickle. To help us understand what’s going on in Haiti, we’re now joined by Ronald Charles. He’s a Ph.D. student in biblical studies at the school of religion at the University of Toronto. He’s a poet and a violinist, and he used to lecture at Christianville University college in Haiti. Thanks for joining us. read more

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Obama and Iran: Change Instead of Regime Change

One of the key foreign policy challenges of the Barack Obama presidency will be to elaborate a new approach towards Iran. A spirited, informed debate is already on in Washington – where a special presentation to the Senate has outlined crucial American and Iranian points of view; and also in academic and diplomatic circles, as a Joint Experts’ Statement on Iran recommends the President-elect adopts a bold new strategy, focused on dialogue and mutual respect.

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Howard Zinn: Vote for Obama But Direct Action Needed

Howard Zinn says vote against McCain, vote for Obama. Even though Obama does not represent any fundamental change, he creates an opening for a possibility of change. Obama will not fulfill that potential for change, unless he is enveloped by a social movement, which is angry enough, powerful enough, insistent enough, that he fills his abstract phrases about change with some content. We need direct action, because only that kind of indignation is going to have some affect on the people in Washington. read more