A group of women in Mogadishu, Somalia, after leaving Toro-Toro, 100 kilometres away, because of a lack of water and food. Credit: OCHA

Floods, Hurricanes, and Droughts: When Climate Sets the Global Agenda

The most impacted continent by climate change and weather induced disasters – Africa, which contributes only 4 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions – is now experiencing back-to-back droughts that have left at least 8.5 million people in Ethiopia in dire need of food aid. At the same time, severe drought has deepened in Somalia with the risk of famine looming for about half the population.

Photo by UNICEF 2010/Olivier Asselin

Number of People Displaced by Climate Change Could Reach One Billion by 2050

Imagine a world with as many as one billion people facing harsh climate change impacts such as devastating droughts or floods, extreme weather, destruction of land and natural resources, and the consequences of famine and starvation. The speed with which climate change has been taking place might lead to such a scenario by 2050. If so, 1 in 9 human beings would be on the move by then.