Torture Taxi: Extraordinary Rendition in the Crosshairs

Back in late 2001, Swedish police had arrested Mohamed al-Zery and Ahmed Agiza as suspected terrorists and were in a hurry to deport them rather than have them claim refugee status. Lacking their own logistics of rapid deportation, the Swedes welcomed the offer from a US-based plane operator to make available a Gulfstream jet marked N379P. The plane's hooded US crew picked up its unwilling passengers and flew them to Egypt, where both were detained, interrogated and tortured.


Talking Dirty About Revolution in Venezuela

Sara walks into the neighborhood clinic where I am volunteering in rural Venezuela, in a municipality of less than 15,000 people situated in the Andes mountains. Besides tourism, agriculture fuels the local economy, which is dependent on small farms. Sara visited today for her checkup. She's 35 and has lived here all her life. "Before this clinic was here, I never went to the doctor," she explains.

Photo: Antônio Milena (ABr).

Why We Oppose the Indo-U.S. Military Ties

Since 9/11, the Indian and U.S. Navies and Special Forces have conducted a number of joint exercises in the Indian Ocean and in the hills of India's Northeast. U.S. State Department official Christian Rocca said (in 2002), "Military-to-military cooperation is now producing tangible progress towards [the] objective [of] strategic, diplomatic and political cooperation as well as sound economic ties." The Indo-U.S. Bilateral Nuclear Cooperation Agreement (2007) is the capstone of this new strategic alliance, driven by geopolitical and military concerns.